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Dinner At La Mezcaleria Vancouver (Review)

La Mezcaleria Vancouver

We were told the chances of getting a table at La Mezcaleria on Commercial Drive for six people on a Saturday night was nearly impossible. In fact, the price of limes going down was more likely to happen. But they didn’t know who they were dealing with. I was standing in line waiting for the Vancouver hot spot to open their doors at 5pm and I was insistent on getting a table! Well, an hour later the food gods listened to me and the six of us strolled into La Mezcaleria, eager to discover what all the buzz was about.

The six of us weren’t celebrating anything special. It was just my aunt, three cousins, my boyfriend, and myself. Yet, I ordered a drink. Something I hadn’t done in probably 6 months. I know I know I know – so crazy.  I chose the lime margarita and it was delicious! Their drink menu is quite extensive, with several traditional Mexican drinks. I suggest ordering a few to try get an idea of what Mezcaleria has to offer.

La Mezcaleria Vancouver

To start the six of us shared the “Queso Fundido”. This is essentially a cheese fondue served in a rock molcajete. It arrived at the table still bubbling and stringy. It came with a tortilla each to scoop the cheese onto. I was told earlier in the day that I had to order this as it is their most famous dish. I can see why. It was amazing and such a novelty! We couldn’t stop watching the cheese melt off the spoon. The tortilla was also spectacular. The waiter brought us over 6 extras and I am almost positive I ate them all myself. Oops! When the cheese was done the sides of the bowl still had the burnt crust of the cheese. I pulled this off and ate it with my fingers. I strongly, strongly suggest starting with this dish! Perfect!

La Mezcaleria Vancouver

As a sister restaurant to La Taqueria, I knew I had to try their tacos. I told the waiter to bring me the two most popular veggie tacos and the two most popular meat tacos. I first had the “Asada” – grilled flank beef. The beef was juicy and tender. For little tacos like these one, I could tell that the quality and time was still put into every taco. Next I had the “Carnitas” taco. This was pulled pork confit with pickled red onions. I immediately regretted not eating this one last. It was my favourite of the four and so full of flavour. The red onions complimented the pork and added a bit of a crunch. On the vegetarian side of things I tried the “Tinga De Hongos”, which was sautéed mushrooms in spicy chipotle sauce. I enjoyed this one, as it was super juicy and I really liked the chipotle sauce. For my final taco I had the “Rajas con Crema”. This taco was filled with roasted poblano peppers, creamed corn, sour cream, and Mexican cheese. This taco was also very well executed and the flavours and textures blended very well together!

My cousin ordered the “Campechano Flight”. This was essentially three different types of ceviche served in 3 8oz beer glasses. I did not get the chance to try this but the presentation alone was so beautiful. Another dish ordered was the enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce. Again, I did not try this dish but the presentation was beautiful! Just so you know – there were not leftovers.

La Mezcaleria Vancouver

La Mezcaleria is a buzzing little place and for good reason! It offers authentic Mexican food in the middle of Vancouver’s “Little Italy”. The lineups are long and happen every day of the week, in my opinion it is worth the wait! The staff is really friendly and know the menu very well! Let them pick out your meal if you are feeling adventurous – you will not be disappointed!



Written by: Micaela Monk
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