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Extreme Fire Danger Forces Delta Park Closures And BBQ Ban

Delta Park

Photo: Corporation of Delta / Twitter

The municipality of Delta has decided to close five parks due to an extremely high fire danger rating on Wednesday, August 2nd.

The news comes as temperatures continue to climb with virtually no rainfall. Extremely dry, hot weather is the perfect recipe for danger. Moreover, the City of Delta has noted that there is a lack of provincial resources available to combat these hazardous conditions.

In such conditions, even a small fire from a cigarette butt can quickly grow and become unmanageable.


Delta also issued a ban on all outdoor, open fires in all areas. This notice includes cooking on propane and brisket BBQs everywhere. In addition, smoking is banned in all parks.

As of August 2nd at 5pm, the following parks are completely closed until further notice:

Anyone caught trespassing into these areas can expect to pay a hefty $200 fine. Delta Police, Delta Fire and park wardens will patrol the parks to ensure that the areas are safe.

Delta Park Closures

Residents to follow these useful tips:

  • Do not discard smoking materials from vehicles; use vehicle interior ashtrays
  • Do not dispose of cigarette butts in flower beds or bark mulch beds
  • Use large, deep, non-tip ashtrays to prevent ashes from falling onto combustible materials
  • Allow lawn and farm equipment to cool before storing away
  • Exercise caution with All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), which produce a tremendous amount of heat and can ignite brush from their exhaust system
  • Be aware of all spark and fire sources
  • Campfires and propane and briquette BBQs are prohibited everywhere
  • Be cautious around fire in windy conditions

For more information on the closures or what to do in the case of emergency, please visit Delta’s informative page here.

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