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Dealing With Post-New Year Fitness Syndrome

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Heads up gym rats and fitness freaks!

Get your last few weeks of peaceful workouts in while it’s still December. New Years is around the corner, and that means only one thing…resolutions.

Ever gone to the gym after January first and noticed that you have found yourself in a crowded, suffocating, and sweaty environment? Ever wondered why there was such a sudden boost in bodybuilders? Here’s the reason: less than a day prior, at least 50% of those people made resolutions to get fit for the following year. Many people go through that phase at least once in their life, where they convince themselves that they are going to start going to the gym every day.

Being fit and in shape is starting to become a big issue with many people, especially if they work full time jobs or are students. It’s definitely something that is difficult to integrate into our daily lives and commit to it. Standing ovations to those who follow through with their goals and objectives– it’s not easy to maintain a balanced lifestyle!

For those of you who are serious about staying fit, here are a few starter tips you can follow to get the ball rolling:


  1.  Drink lots of water! Water helps with burning fat and prevents you from dehydrating after an intense workout. Your bottle is your best friend.
  2.  Don’t stick to the treadmill! A mistake that many people make is going straight for the treadmill when they hit the gym. As good as cardio is for you, it’s also crucial to maintain a healthy balance of cardio exercises and weight training.
  3. Stretch! The most important time to stretch is after you’ve completed your workout. It will prevent you from getting sore muscles, will improve your flexibility, and prevent you from getting injuries.
  4.  If you’re strapped for time during your busy schedule, limit your workouts to 30-40 minute high intensity workouts. Not only will you get more done, but your body will get conditioned faster. Take it easy for the first couple weeks, though!
  5. Maintain good form. Don’t make common mistakes when doing an exercise. If you need help, consult with your gym’s trainer­–they’ll help you get on the right track.

Written by: Samaa Abdalla

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