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Couple Tie the Knot Hiking up Squamish’s Chief Mountain

Couple Tie the Knot Hiking up Squamish’s Chief Mountain

Couple Tie the Knot Hiking up Squamish’s Chief Mountain

“We don’t want anything that reads as wedding”, says Carrie Brownstein’s character in the Portlandia sketch “Cool Wedding.” From destination to theme weddings, the phenomenon of couples shying away from a traditional ceremony in favour of an unconventional one is becoming a popular option for those planning their nuptials, and not just those that like to buck the trend.

Non-traditional weddings appeal to modern couples as the financial cost, and the time and stress often put into organizing conventional weddings can be emotionally exhausting experiences that take away from the big day itself.

That’s why this couple from Colorado, Jamie and David Lamb, rock-climbed their way up the Chief to become husband and wife with only their officiant, professional skier, Pep Fujas, and presumably their camera crew, courtesy of John Lloyd Photography that took breathtaking photos of the wedding.

The Chief is one of Squamish’s most well-known mountain trails, looming high above the picturesque town, a not bad way to get away for a weekend to look at nature and get married doing it at the same time.

The Lambs decided on an adventure wedding after Jamie Lamb latched onto the idea after seeing a video of it, put out by Beyond Adventures, a wedding-based company run by her friends. So far, Beyond Adventures’ online presence is nonexistent with many other types of tours and exchange programs using the title, but it will be interesting to see what other adventures they’ve got up their sleeve.

The Lambs climbed 2,300 feet to get married in an effort to show the teamwork behind marriage, making it a literal sport up one of BC’s most lovely hiking trails.


Written by: Irene Lo
Photo Credit: Mercury Press & Media Ltd

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