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Elderly Couple Involved In Coquitlam RCMP Incident Speak Out

Photo: YouTube

A video of an elderly Korean couple being shoved and dragged down hotel stairs by the Coquitlam RCMP had gone viral last week. Finally, the couple is speaking out about the altercation.

78-year-old Myung Ju Lee had been dragged down the stairs of a Best Western Hotel by an officer. The police had been called to the local hotel on Wednesday, October 26th after a fight had broken out during a strata meeting.

Myung Ju recalls the police grabbing and twisting his arm, and also kicking him. He even took a blow to the chest from an officer’s knee. Myung Ju also says he was pushed down the stairs.

“Why do you hit me? Why do you hit me? I asked him several, several times. No answer at all.”

Despite there being upwards of 100 people in the conference room booked for the regular strata meeting, Myung Ju did not understand why the police hit him and his wife specifically.

In an interview with Global News, Myung Ju said once he was taken into a police car, he became unconscious.

Myung Ju’s wife, Kap Su Lee, was also involved in the scuffle and suffered multiple bruises because of it. The couple’s granddaughter, who can be heard screaming in the video, was by their side throughout the entire incident. She even tries to attack one of the officers. The couple’s granddaughter is living with them full-time to attend school in Vancouver; her parents live in Edmonton.

Following the incident, the couple was taken to the hospital and stayed until 7am the next day. Myung Ju felt that the officers had targeted him and his wife specifically. He does not understand why they were arrested.

An external investigation is underway and will be spearheaded by the New Westminster Police department. The Coquitlam RCMP have launched a review of the actions of the officers involved and ask that the public be patient while this is underway.

Myung Ju hopes that the officer who dragged him down the stairs loses his job.

“They are not policemen, they are gangsters…he should be fired.”

Police have not said whether charges against Myung Ju and Kap Su Lee are still being examined.

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