Friend Of Coquitlam Teen Killed By Stray Bullet Writes Emotional Farewell

East Vancouver

On Saturday, January 13th, a 15-year-old teenager was fatally wounded in a shooting in downtown Vancouver. 

The young man was caught by a stray bullet from a shootout while enjoying a night out with his parents; he was sitting in the backseat of their vehicle when the bullet struck him in the head. Specifically, the car was driving past Ontario Street down West Broadway when the incident occurred. 

Alfred Wong of Coquitlam attended Pinetree Elementary School. He was also a member of the Coquitlam Christ Church of China, and he was deeply loved by his community, family, and friends; his death has left them heartbroken, shocked, and angry. 

 23-year-old kevin Whiteside was also killed in the gunfire; however, police believe that he was involved in the shooting, and that he was the intended target.

Coquitlam Teen Tragically Killed In Crossfire

On January 16th, the teen’s close friend, Kevin, posted an emotional farewell to the teen on Reddit. Simply entitled To My Friend, the touching post has gone viral.

sorry, this is a rant, you may remove it – but I would love to share my thoughts on the recent situation.

As you may all know well by now, a fifteen-year-old boy was killed in a shootout two days ago. I was particularly shocked during the announcement as someone around my age had unfortunately lost his life – however, i didn’t think much of it as i supposed it did not directly affect me in any sort of way possible.

that was before I received a message.

it came from a mutual friend between me another friend. I didn’t believe it at first at all. I kept asking him questions, such as “give me more proof” and such, but I could not dodge the truth any longer – it was a given. I asked the person that the mutual friend received the information from and it turns out that the school didn’t even know he had perished – it was the swim team that my friend and the victim were both enlisted in. I asked another friend who was also on the swim team and he replied with the same answer.

I started crying.

I typically never really showed my emotion – after a classmate had died from cancer a while back, I learned to be able to control my emotions and I grew more mature. Something about this particular situation stopped all that was moving around me and I couldn’t hold on any longer. I let go – and the tears quickly came down on my desk.

I talked to my best friend, but I soon realized it was a mistake – it’s already terrible for you to suffer, but to watch others – that’s on an entirely different level. However, this information was a must to share – we as a class two years ago suffered another classmate’s death through something much worse: lung cancer. I decided to share it through my online communities that I actively participated in with my peers a couple years ago and that’s when I realized how much this person had an impact on me.

My friend was a strong, smart, and loyal person. If you took a glance or had a quick conversation with him, you would instantly be able to tell he’d been disciplined well. He got decent grades – enough to get him into the honours course at Pinetree Secondary School for all three possible courses. He was very trustworthy, and would always be on time when it mattered, but he was also very softspoken – he tended to be very quiet and it was always delightful when I would be able to talk to him. I loved him as a friend, not because of his achievements, but because of his personality himself.

He and I were placed in a very tight class – we both were classified as “gifted” students, and were enrolled in the MACC program. This class was essentially through grade 6,7, and 8 – where there would be no changes made to the roster, meaning you would get to know everyone well. Everyone had their talents in this class, but for him, it was always consistency and his strength – able to withstand the strongest stabs to his chest and the hardest blows. Our class was one unified community – we would be able to share everything with each other, and even though we had thousands of disputes – we came together when it mattered.

Our teacher had a heavy Aboriginal background – he always made us do things such as “circles” that would essentially be a time period where we would just talk and whatnot. Me and others originally took this as a joke – we didn’t care and we fooled around, until the incident. The incident created a much more serious tone to these circles – instead of everyone laughing and not taking it seriously, it was much more condone, and very quiet – people would openly state their opinions and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

Due to this, me and a few other friends who deeply love our friend have requested our faithful teacher to hold one last circle – to talk about the times we’ve had with our good old friend. We hope this message gets across and we would be estatic to have a final farewell.

Don’t leave me yet, you have so much more to teach me, my friend. We still have to finish that Terraria playthrough, as well. There’s also our Garry’s Mod playthrough, the DST server, the Brawlhalla matches, and of course, the Alien Swarm 8-man parties. Please, come back and teach me.

Sincerly, Kevin.

EDIT : I’ve deleted all the personal information. Sorry for the inconvience, my mind was on other things.

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