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Growing Trend Sees More Canadians Turned Away At U.S. Border

U.S. Border

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Canadians might want to rethink their next trip to the U.S., as the trend of Canadians being denied at the border starts growing.

There have been several instances recently where Canadians were turned away at the border without explanation.

Jaklyn De Vos was one of them, when her and her partner were detained for five hours while trying to visit her godfather in Seattle. They were both told to turn over their cell phones.

A border patrol officer eventually told her she could not enter and would need a visa for her next visit. She was given no explanation for her denial.

“I have friends and family in the states that I’d like to see, so it’s definitely frustrating not to be able to do that or have any information about it,” De Vos said to CBC.

In September, Rochelle Trepanier was also denied while heading to California to visit her boyfriend. While she had been regularly making the trip during the previous two years, this time she needed to provide more proof regarding her return to Canada.

Without any proof to give to them, Trepanier was banned from the U.S. for five years.


A Growing Trend

Immigration lawyers have said this is happening more often, particularly under U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration.

“There are certain authorizations that have come through from this administration that allows for them to increase their scope, how far they can expand their authority,” said Tim Golden, an immigration lawyer with Green and Spiegel, to CTV News.

Trepanier’s lawyer, Len Saunders, said he has seen a spike in such cases over the summer.

“I’ve been practising near the border in northern Washington state for over 20 years, and I’m literally seeing one of these cases a day right now,” he said to CTV News. “I’ve never seen them handing out these five year bars — it’s like speeding tickets.”

Only time will tell if this is a blip on the radar, or the new norm.

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