Canadian Pop Culture: This Week’s Top Moments

Canadian Pop Culture: This Week’s Top Moments

This week in Canadian pop culture, we take a look at top moments that made headlines across the nation. In BC, the Liberal Party made big waves with promises of bringing ride-sharing services to the province, and the Vancouver Park Board voted to “ban” 4/20 rallies and events. Our civil leaders were making noise. However, none can compare to the larger-than-life character of the former Rob Ford. And now he’s getting a big-screen adaptation. If politics isn’t your cup of tea, you might be happy to know that Riverdale has been renewed a second season. Meanwhile in Alberta, one small town discovered something a little strange when they turned on the tap.

These are the top five moments in Canada pop culture for this week.

BC Liberals Use Uber For Re-Election Promise

Amidst a round of negative press surrounding Uber comes an attractive proposition by the BC Liberal Party to bring ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft to Vancouver this year if re-elected. It comes on the heels of Uber taking a beating in the headlines with an outbreak of scandals surrounding gender discrimination and toxic culture. Some Vancouverites are already warming up to the promise, however. And speaking for anyone that’s ever tried to hail a taxi during peak time, it’s not hard to understand why.

Archie Gang Will Return to Vancouver, Riverdale Gets Renewed For Second Season 


Vancouver’s reputation as Hollywood North is not for nothing, with our fair city being tied with L.A. in the number of broadcast network pilots shot on location. One pilot season, The CW’s Riverdale, has been renewed for a second season. As Riverdale is filmed in the Lower Mainland, fans of the show may safely rejoice. The gang will all return!

Vancouver Park Board Unchill About 4/20, Bans Pot Rallies From Parks

Photo: Cannabis Culture / Flickr

Photo: Cannabis Culture / Flickr

The Vancouver Park Board banned cannabis-related rallies and events from city parks earlier this week. The annual 4/20 festival was moved from outside the Vancouver Art Gallery to Sunset Beach last year, where it fell under the realm of parks and rec. The Board stressed that it was not marijuana but smoking that was the root of the decision, but don’t worry – the 4/20 festival organizer made it clear the show would go on.

Meanwhile In Alberta… Pink Tap Water Confuses Residents Of Small Town

Canadian tap water is generally considered one of the finest tap waters in the world. One town in Alberta proved to be the exception. Residents from Onoway discovered this first-hand when they turned on the tap and found pink dye gushing forth instead of the healthy colourless water they were accustomed to. Not to worry, the stuck valve responsible for pink drink has ben fixed.

Trailer For Fictional Movie Based On Rob Ford Out Now

Campaigning for re-election in the city of York, Mayor Hogg is caught on video smoking crack and he’ll do just about anything to keep the footage from breaking out. Yes, Rob Ford’s life is certainly ripe for adaptation. The trailer for Filth City was released earlier this week and is based on the controversial former Mayor of Toronto and his crack obsession. You can watch the trailer and see for yourself.

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