Canada Is Moving Forward With Vaccine Passports For International Travel

vaccine passport

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that those wanting to travel may need to show proof of vaccination to go between countries.

The idea of a vaccine passport has been met with mixed feelings so far. However, it appears that we could be getting one as early as this Fall.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino just announced on Wednesday that Canada will be moving forward with the vaccine passport.


Vaccine Passport

The government is currently gathering vaccination data from all the provinces and territories. The data will be used to create a national database for the new passport system.

The new passport system will be available for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents who are living in Canada. It will include each person’s COVID-19 vaccination history, with information like date of shots, type of shot given, and the location.

The current purpose of the vaccine passport will be for international travel. However, it will be up to individual provinces to determine how they want it applied.

Some provinces like Quebec have already moved forward with their own provincial vaccine passport, making it a requirement to access certain places like festivals, restaurants and gyms. Alberta on the other hand has stated they will not be using them.

Current Regulations

The country is currently using the ArriveCan app for Canadians and foreign travellers entering the country. The app requires travellers to upload a photo of their vaccination proof, and a negative test result within 72 hours prior to their flight.

By doing so, travellers do not need to undergo the 14 day quarantine requirement, nor do they need to undergo the mandatory hotel stay.

As vaccination increases, plans for travel will definitely continue to be a hot topic this year.


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