Canada is Testing Up to 10,000 People for COVID-19 Everyday

Bonny Henry

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise to nearly 3,000, the country is testing up to 10,000 people everyday.

“We know that massive testing has been part of the solution in places that have managed to contain or slow the spread of COVID-19,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday.

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Trudeau added the government is looking to increase its testing capacity and the speed at which they can respond. That means they hope to get results back within hours, rather than days.

“We know that there are also backlogs and challenges, particularly in more remote or more overburdened jurisdictions to get those test results back quickly,” Trudeau said.

B.C. in particular is doing about 3,500 tests a day.

“I really do think that our testing strategy, early on, helped us understand what was happening in our community and when we started to have community spread,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry.

And health officials said 28% of B.C.’s cases have already recovered.

Health Minister Adrian Dix said hospital bed occupancy is currently at 66% in the province. That number is down from the average of 103.5%.

In order to keep that number down, Canadians must continue to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible.

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