Rogue Burnaby Squirrel Starts Fire That Spoils 82,000 Litres of Milk

Burnaby Squirrel

A mischievous critter created absolute chaos at a cheese factory in Burnaby on Tuesday, August 8th just after 9 am.

The tiny, seemingly harmless squirrel managed to chew through a piece of equipment on a hydro pole, which led to it going up in flames.

Burnaby Squirrel Damages

According to The Vancouver Sun, the incident led to 150 residents losing power. The Scardillo Cheese factory, located on 7865 Venture Street off Lake City Way, lost power for over 12 hours. This led to the spoilage of over 82,000 litres of milk – no small loss.


While emergency crews managed to save the cheese in the factory, Burnaby Now reports that the losses incurred are roughly a week’s worth of production.

With fifteen firefighters and five trucks on the scene, this was no minor incident.

That squirrel knew how to punch well above its weight.

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