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Hop For Joy: Vancouver Is Getting A Bunny Cafe With Bunnies You Can Adopt

Bunny Cafe

Photo: Olivia Elena / Flickr

If you love Vancouver cat cafes, you are going to be hopping for joy at the Bunny Cafe, opening next year.

The new cafe is set to open in 2020 on Commercial Drive, where you can sip your latte while petting these rescue rabbits.

“The permit application is in and the design process is underway… it’s all hoppening!”, the cafe said on Instagram.

Vancouver’s Catfe has teamed up with Rabbitats Rescue Society to bring the idea to life. That means among the 20 rabbits at the shop at once, you have the opportunity to adopt one.


The B.C. based charity Rabbitats is hoping the cafe will boost adoption, like it has for cats at the Catfe.

The cat cafe has so far helped adopt out more than 700 pets since it opened in 2015.

Catfe acted as a pop-up shop for a rabbit cafe in 2018 and extended its opening days due to popular demand.

Now, the new owners can’t wait to get started on its permanent location coming soon.

“Here we are…partnered with Rabbitats, and gearing up for construction on North America’s first bunny cafe,” they posted on Instagram. “We have a lot of work ahead of us in the next few months, but we’re excited to pave the way for a new sanctuary and adoption model that will make an impact on rabbit overpopulation in the Lower Mainland.”


Will you visit these fur babies when it opens?

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