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This Secret BC Hike Takes You Up To A Giant Wooden Sculpture

bowen island

Photo: @yayyyshhh/Instagram

B.C. is home to a vast variety of pristine places that you must explore at least once.

There are even some spots you may have never even heard about before, like this secret hike nestled on the quaint Bowen Island.

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It’s a true hidden gem, where hikers can discover the unique sculpture immersed in nature.

Some have been lucky enough to find it and post pictures on social media, but have been fulfilling the artist’s wishes by keeping the exact location a secret.


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The piece was created by a local artist and features a mastodon, which is a prehistoric mammal from the elephant family.

It’s called “The Mastodon Project,” and artist Guthrie Gloag says the sculpture was built as a way to mourn the mastodon, which has been extinct for thousands of years.


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On his website, Gloag attributes the extinction to human impacts.

But, it’s not easy to find. The artist purposely wanted to keep its location a secret so that explorers could just stumble upon it while walking through the woods.


Mastodon on Bowen Island

Location: A secret spot nestled on a rock along a hiking area on the island


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