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Blackberry Unveils 2 New Phones & Vancouver Launch Date

RIM, now officially rebranded simply as ‘BlackBerry’ unveiled its new smartphones and operating system earlier this week during several launch events around the world.

They introduced two phones, the new BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen model, and BlackBerry Q10, which has a physical keypad, both are designed to compete with iPhone and Android models, offering slick touchscreen performance, video-calling, screen-sharing and the ability to switch easily between personal and professional profiles.

Blackberry arguably invented the smartphone, but Android and iPhone have moved into the lead in recent years, setting the standard for touchscreen technology and smooth Internet browsing — areas where BlackBerry devices have struggled in the past. Following are some key points from the Blackberry’s  announcement:

  • BlackBerry Balance allows users to switch between professional and personal profiles on a single device.
  • BlackBerry Hub acts as a slick centralized location for social media messages, updates and all other incoming messages.
  • The phones have a unique word-recognition system that allows users to swipe the word onto the screen — something Heins called “writing without typing.”
  • The new operating system allows users to seamlessly switch between the phone’s applications.
  • 70,000 apps are available for the new operating system, the largest number for any first generation launch, Heins said.
  • Video calls can be made directly from BlackBerry Messenger, with the option of sharing your screen.


The Z10 will be available in Canada on Feb. 5, with the Q10 to follow shortly after. It’s expected that the Z10 model with be priced at $149.99 on a three-year contract.

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