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Bill Nye The Science Guy Receives Honorary Degree From SFU

Bill Nye The Science Guy Receives Honorary Degree From SFU

A familiar face graced the stage at SFU’s graduation ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 8 as Bill Nye (the Science Guy) received an honorary doctorate of science degree from the University.

The goofy scientist became known for his show, which produced 100 half-hour episodes on PBS from 1993 to 1998. It was both educational and entertaining, making him a popular figure for kids growing up in the 90s. He was among his target audience when taking the stage at SFU to receive his degree.

In a Q&A with SFU, he mentioned that his main message to the graduating class is to change the world. “Engage the world is our motto, our way of thinking, but just don’t think that you can’t. Go out there and engage the world and change it – how hard can it be?”

He is a mechanical engineer who has worked as an aeronautics consultant and contributed towards several projects for NASA. Currently, he is the CEO of The Planetary Society, a group that helps to fund research programs in space science, advocacy and public outreach.

He has worked as the writer, producer and host for a variety of science-related TV shows for both children and adults. He has taken home multiple Emmys over the course of his career.

“The students are so happy that I’m here and it’s very gratifying. To get a doctorate from Simon Fraser is a big deal. Trust me, I’m a doctor,” he added.

Bill Nye recently made a trip to the Alberta oil sands and has made his opinion known that Canadians should be thinking about this issue when they vote in the federal election.


Written By: Meagan Gill

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