5 Best Thrift Shops On Main Street

5 Best Thrift Shops On Main Street

All Vancouverites know the shopping scene in the city can be quite pricey. This makes times of desperately needing a wardrobe upgrade but not having enough cash to afford new clothing extremely difficult. The good news is, amongst the many expensive shops within the city are various reasonably priced thrift shops that serve as trendy boutiques full of one-of-a-kind items.

Many of these hidden gems are on Main Street, one of Vancouver’s hippest shopping hubs. From Tommy Hilfiger denim jackets to French style dresses, vintage-modern talking pieces and brand name items at rock bottom prices, there is no shortage of unique clothing that caters to everyone’s individual tastes and styles. Not to mention, each of the shops listed are great and affordable ways to break out of your comfort zone and purchase something you never thought of wearing.  


Thrift Shops on Main Street

F as in Frank Vintage

Photo: Evan Mason

  • Address: 2425 Main Street
  • Open: Sun-Thurs 11:00-7:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-8:00
  • Instagram@fasinfrank

The growing popularity of thrifting has allowed F as in Frank to succeed and become a well known vintage retailer with locations in major Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto. In Vancouver, the selection of clothing supplied by F as in Frank, has garnered well deserved recognition among thrift enthusiasts and Vancouverites alike.

The focus of F as in Frank is strictly ‘90s. The store contains a vast selection of items dating back to 1995 and earlier. This includes, basketball jerseys, quality rock tees, Nike and Adidas wind breakers, and shoppers’ all-time favourite, athletic starter jackets. Being inside F as in Frank makes one feel as though they are living in the movie Space Jam. It brings ’90’s street style and sports wear to real time in 2017. 

The Rag Machine

  • Address: 2425 Main Street (Alley Way behind F as in Frank)
  • Open: Sun-Thurs 11:00-6:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-8:00
  • Instagram: @theragmachine

Photo: Rag Machine Facebook Page

It may be called the “Rag” Machine but stepping into this hidden shop doesn’t mean walking out with a torn up cloth in hand. Connected to F as in Frank, the rag machine offers an unexampled shopping experience leading to rare finds if the effort is put into searching. The Rag Machine encourages customers to dig for items in assorted bins and functions in a similar way to the F as in Frank fill a bag sale. It’s simple, customers grab a basket, pick a bin and dig until satisfied with their items. All pieces are then weighed and rung up at $4.95 per lb. Easy right?

The Rag Machine’s focus is on pure affordability, great fashion and of course, sustainability. Not only can one find superior vintage items but can also contribute to diverting 50 tons of used clothing from going into landfills.

C’est La Vie Boutique

thrift shops main street vancouver

Photo: Jorge Parra / 604 Now

  • Address: 3247 Main Street @ 16th Street
  • Open: Mon-Sun 11:30-7:00
  • Instagram: @cestlavievintage

This small shop looks like it’s straight out of the Netflix series Girlboss. The impressive window display amongst a pink outer wall, catches one’s attention immediately, drawing passerbys into the store. Comparable to the thrift shop seen in Girlboss, C’est La Vie Boutique is a consignment shop that sells brand name items, accessories and vintage clothing for both men and women.

The stand-out quality of C’est La Vie, is its chic style with a French feel. Owner, Faustine Faure-Podguszer, is a French enthusiast for all things vintage. Her love for vintage stems from her past experience in Paris where she worked alongside a fashion designer who also happened to be her mother. When browsing through the unique displays of C’est La vie, it is clear that Faustine has brought her love for European vintage and French flare to Vancouver. When planning a trip to Paris, C’est La Vie is the place to start. 

Front and Company

thrift shops main street vancouver

Photo: Jorge Parra / 604 Now

  • Address: 3772 Main St Main Street 
  • OpenMon – Sun 11:00-6:30
  • Instagram@frontandcompany

At the “front” of contemporary vintage fashion is Front & Company. A shop that began small in 1993. Throughout the years, the one-of-a-kind items sold have caught the attention of the public. This has quickly allowed Front and Company to garner a short but meaningful history in the world of vintage. Today, it has left its mark as one of the most popular thrift shops on Main Street.

At the heart of cutting edge Vancouver fashion, the larger retail space inhabited by Front and Company today includes a bounty of hats, accessories, footwear and giftable items in addition to many vintage statement pieces. As a fashion retailer, Front and Company differentiates from other thrift and consignment shops by mixing the current and cutting edge with vintage. This is quite a juxtaposition but its what makes Front and Company so alluring.

Still Fabulous Thrift

thrift shops main street vancouver

Photo: Jorge Parra / 604 Now

Last but not least is Still Fabulous Thrift. This shop is known for its high-end, expensive look. This sometimes intimidates customers from walking in. However, as the cliche goes, it’s important not to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a shop by it’s outer walls and windows.

This well kept store sells high quality men’s,women’s and children’s apparel and accessories at more than fair prices. If lucky enough, one can find designer items for a steal. The best part about Still Fabulous Thrift is that proceeds go towards a good cause. Still Fabulous is operated by volunteers of the Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital & BC Women’s Hospital. Store funds go towards supporting patients, hospital programs and maintaining medical equipment. Don’t be fooled by the tidy, elegant look of Still Fabulous. Be sure to walk in and walk out with a fabulous vintage outfit in hand. 


What are your go-to thrift shops in Vancouver? Let us know in the comments below!

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