The Best Rooftop Hangouts in Metro Vancouver

Best of Metro Vancouver
The Best Rooftop Hangouts in Metro Vancouver

There’s just something to be said about eating food at the rooftop, particularly when we live in the Lower Mainland. When we are blessed with great weather, we got to make the most of it when we can. We’ve rounded up the best rooftop hangouts in metro Vancouver to soak up the sun the next time it’s a dine out day.

Best Rooftop Hangouts In Metro Vancouver



Best Rooftop Hangouts In Metro Vancouvervia Facebook / Joeys

Joey Burnaby

In North Burnaby, Joey boasts a rooftop patio to rival that of any in downtown. In fact, it feels like you never left. A popular restaurant chain with modern decor and an eclectic food and drinks menu, it is the perfect lounge to sit back and relax with a couple of friends. Located at 1899 Rosser Ave.


Personas-RooftopPatiovia Personas


Personas is a trendy patio and lounge located in Grand Villa Casino. Although technically not a rooftop patio, it is raised above the entrance, making you feel like you are on top of the world. Recently voted as one of the top ten restaurants in Burnaby, Personas is a great place to check out the game or enjoy Happy Hour – especially after gambling night is done. Located at 4331 Dominion St.




Hazards Restaurant

Golf and country clubs often have the best natural views, and it makes sense that many have restaurants with patios that maximize the nearby surroundings. At Hazards Restaurant, views of Mount Baker and Fraser Valley are close by. Located at 1630 Parkway Blvd.




riverhouse-rooftoppatiovia Facebook/ RiverHouse

The Riverhouse Restaurant & Pub

A restaurant, pub and marina – the Riverhouse is an ideally situated waterfront bar that serves locally sourced seafood, burgers and tapas. The Riverhouse boasts a peaceful patio that overlooks the Fraser River. Located at 5825 60th Ave.





Just off the Trans-Canada Highway, Moxie’s Langley is home to a large rooftop patio that makes brunch even more awesome. With a selection of burgers, salads and seafood, Moxie’s is also located to many of Langley’s tourist attractions, making it a central dining spot. Located at 8828 201 St.



Maple Ridge

Kingfishers-Rooftoppatiovia Facebook/Kingfishers

Kingfisher Pub

Kingfisher Pub is a waterfront establishment with live music and locally sourced food and drinks. Its patio is also covered and heated with open views of Fraser River and McMillan island. Located at 23840 River Rd.



North Vancouver

marina-rooftoppatiovia Facebook/MarinaSide Grill

Marina Grill

Marina Grill has a wonderful patio that overlooks the Lynnwood Marina where the Second Narrows Bridge can be enjoyed on a sunny day. Marina Grill’s menu is seafood-inspired with items such as the Yacht Club Sandwich and Seafood Crepes. Located at 1653 Columbia St.



Port Coquitlam

orrange-rooftoppatiovia Facebook/Orrange

Orrange Kitchen & Bar

Orrange is a local favourite for PoCo residents with its killer cocktail specials and rooftop patio. The view may not be a body of water but it’s a place to get a nice tan on and share drinks over a tasty meal. What more could you ask for? Located at 1125 Nicola Ave #111.



Milltown Bar & Grill

Milltown Bar is a rustic space located at the marina on Richmond Island. Milltown has not only one but two patios that take advantage of the river expanses. It’s a bar with a comfy interior that’s good for a casual night out. Located at 9191 Bentley St.


White Rock

The Boathouse

There are several Boathouse locations in Metro Vancouver including one in New Westminster. The Boathouse in White Rock offers gorgeous views of the water and pier. The restaurant’s atmosphere is west coast and relaxed, serving sustainable and local Ocean Wise seafood and certified Angus steaks. Located at 14935 Marine Dr.


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