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Best Pancakes In Vancouver

Best Pancakes In Vancouver

If there’s one thing that says good morning, it’s a fresh stack of pancakes. From the first bite, we all knew the flat cakes, paired with butter and syrup, would forever hold a sweet spot in our hearts. While there are numerous places to find good pancakes, we wanted to find the best pancakes in Vancouver.

To do so, we’ve eaten our way through dozens of restaurants and narrowed it down to a shortl list of cannot miss spots.

 Best Pancakes In Vancouver


Best Pancakes In Vancouver

Jethro’s Fine Grub

Address: 3420 Dunbar Street, Vancouver

Jethro’s serves large servings and might even leave you in a food coma. Pair it with amazing pancake varieties at a good price and you have yourself a homerun. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied. (Image via Urbanspoon)


 Best Pancakes In Vancouver

Café Zen on Yew

Address: 1631 Yew St

Café Zen is a breakfast-based restaurant in Kitsilano. The atmosphere feels like you’re at home and the staff is very friendly. While their pancake menu is limited, their blueberry pancakes are second to none.


Blue Moon Flying Swan Café

Address: 1724 4th Avenue W, Vancouver

Blue Moon Café is an all day breakfast that serves up hearty dishes in unique combinations. They’ve been serving breakfast since 1962 and offer amazing pancakes. We recommend trying the banana pancakes.


Best Pancakes In Vancouver

The Red Wagon

Address: 2296 E Hastings St, Vancouver

If you like to pair your pancakes with meat, you need to visit the Red Wagon for their special pulled pork pancakes served with Jack Daniels maple syrup. While this specialty isn’t for everyone, it’s perfect and equally delicious for the carnivores in your life. (Image via Facebook)


If we could add one franchise restaurant to the list:


After all, it is globally known as the International House of Pancakes.



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