The Best Korean Restaurants In Metro Vancouver (According To Foodies)

korean food restaurants vancouver

Korean food is always a popular choice in Metro Vancouver and we just can’t get enough of it!

Craving Korean food but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our list below for the best Korean restaurants in the area according to 8 local foodies.

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Recommended by:  Vanfoodiepharmily (@vanfoodiepharmily)

What they had to say about it:  

We love going to Tabom for their hot iron plates — it’s such a fun way to share good food with good company. If you enjoy spicy food then you have to try their spicy chicken hot plate with their super delicious sauce. Their hot plates come with egg and corn on the side, but we highly recommend adding cheese!

Where to get it: 1046 Austin Ave in Coquitlam

Cho Sun

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IN THE MOOD FOR SOME NOODZ 🔥 This gloomy day got us craving for some steaming hot Korean army soup 😍 One of the best ones we’ve had lately was from Chosun on Kingsway! This one came fully loaded with ham, sausages, rice cakes, vegetables, and ramen 🍜 So spicy, so flavourful, so satisfying 👌 🍴traditional ham and sausage soup 📍chosun korean bbq • • • #kimchisoup #koreansoup #armystew #ramen #noodlepull #noodlelift #hotpot #koreanfood #koreaneats #korea #authentic #gloomyday #hotsoup #comfortfood #foodporn #spicysoup #spicyfood #dinnertime #kingsway #burnabyfood #burnabyeats #foodlees #foodies #vancoiverfoodies #instafood #instafoodie #yvrfood #foodgram #foodphotography #foodblog

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Recommended by:  Bonnie and Bonyo (@foodlees)

What they had to say about it:  We recently rediscovered our love for Chosun. Besides a wide selection of BBQ meats, they also serve a variety of rice, noodle, and soup dishes. Speaking of soups … their Budae Jjigae (also known as Korean army stew) was one of the best ones we’ve had! The pot was bursting with heat and flavour and loaded with ham, sausages, rice cakes, vegetables, and ramen. We would definitely recommend going with a few of your friends so you can order a spread of items to share!

Where to get it: 3486 Kingsway in Vancouver

Dolpan Seoul BBQ

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This lunch set is worth every DOL-lar 💲 spent, have to stretch my PAN-ts every time I come here 😅 – 📷: Bulgogi Beef & Japchae Grill Pan Rice @dolpanbbq If you're ever at Dolpan for lunch, I recommend trying one of their "Grill Pan Rice" lunch specials: 🔷 Spicy Pork, Japchae & Rice 🔷 Bulgogi Beef, Japchae & Rice 🔷 Kimchi & Shrimp Fried Rice & Japchae All lunch specials come with egg volcano, kelp soup, and banchan. – My grill pan rice had a generous portion of sliced beef, japchae (sweet potato noodle), and onions. If you like eggs, the “egg volcano” is a must try at Dolpan. It's like an egg souffle, light and very fluffy, with a perfect balance of sweet saltiness. It has bean sprouts and fish paste on the inside. Banchan is an assortment of small appetizer dishes. Each lunch set comes with 4 appetizer dishes – pictured above were: housemade kimchi, bean sprouts, cold sweet potatoes, and marinated onions. The set is already very filling in itself, but did you know that you can refill on the banchan? – Also congratulations to @dolpanbbq for being voted # 1 for "Best Restaurant in Richmond" 🏆, in @georgiastraight's 2019 #GoldenPlates – . . .

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Recommended by:  @vanfoodventure

What they had to say about it:  This award-winning spot offers delicious Korean food at reasonable prices. Their menu includes BBQ, hot pots, soups and stews, anju (food for drinking) and shared dishes.

If you like eggs, their unique egg volcano is a must try. It is similar to an egg souffle, light and very fluffy, with a perfect balance of sweet saltiness. It has bean sprouts and fish paste on the inside. What’s worth mentioning is that their balchans (Korean appetizer side dishes) are refillable.

If you are ever in the area during daytime, I recommend trying their “Grill Pan Rice” lunch specials. Choose from 3 different lunch specials: “Spicy Pork, Japchae & Rice”, “Bulgogi Beef, Japchae & Rice”, or “Kimchi & Shrimp Fried Rice & Japchae”, all of which are served with an egg volcano, kelp soup, and banchan.

Just a heads up that the place is fairly small, and fills up quickly during peak lunch and dinner times.

Where to get it: 3779 Sexsmith Rd Richmond (inside Continental Shopping Centre)


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Winter is just around the corner and it’s going to un-brrr-lieaviably cold. @kosookoreanrestaurant has a winter menu that has a lot really warm and comforting dishes and I highly recommend checking it out. I was able to try two of their winter menu items – oden bar (hotpot) and the soonsal chicken (garlic soy korean fried chicken). I also got their oyster plate from their starter menu 😊 since I love oysters. . The oyster plate was really fresh and delicious! The plate has 6 oysters that are freshly shucked and it comes with ponzu and spicy sauce and a slice of lemon. I haven’t had oysters in so long, and I am really glad that Kosoo had fresh oysters to help satisfy my craving 😊 . The oden bar has a lot of ingredients and I highly recommend checking it out if you love oden. It comes in a pot divided into six sides and each side has different oden dishes. I couldn’t count all the ingredients but from what I remembered there were boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, fishcakes, bokchoy, mussels, aburaage, and it is all in a soy-flavored dashi broth. It is really warm and comforting and you can easily share this between 2-3 people. . The soonsal chicken (garlic soy) flavour was really yummy! I am a die hard Korean fried chicken person. The chicken is both salty and sweet and sticky. The batter is fried really nicely and the chicken is really tender. I am drooling just typing this out right now. I can’t wait to go back to grab more of it. . Thank you Kosoo for inviting me and guys, definitely check it out if you want to grab Korean food or are looking for something warm and comforting. . . . . I grabbed it at Kosoo (Cardero – Vancouver) . . . . #korean #korea #friedchicken #oyster #hotpot #oden #foodstagram #vancouver #f52grams #vancitybuzz #eeeeeats #치킨 #instafoodie #picoftheday #604food #dishedvan #foodporn #604foodie #food #yvr #vancity #britishcolumbia #dailyhivevan #gastropostvan #igvancouver #nomsmag #604eats #crunchvancouver #kosookoreanrestaurant #wintermenu

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Recommended by: Howard (@food_with_howie)

What they had to say about it:  Definitely give this place a try! I tried their Oden bar and the Korean fried chicken and was impressed! As a die-hard Korean fried chicken fan, I have to say that their chicken was really crispy and seasoned really nicely. Their Oden bar is perfect for a rainy day. Packed with a variety of ingredients, it was deliciously comforting and goes well with a cup of Soju. They also have an amazing $15 set menu during lunchtime.

Where to get it:  832 Cardero St in Vancouver


Recommended by: Caleb & Nerissa (@forkthatdish)

What they had to say about it:  Looking for a new Korean restaurant to go to? Look no further, this place has unlimited side dishes and amazing service! Our favourite is the pork belly and it is is the perfect item for your feast. Juicy, flavourful, but not too filling. Try it with the lettuce and sauce!  

Where to get it:  6345 Fraser St in Vancouver


Recommended by: Melody (@blackholetummy)

What they had to say about it:  Give it up to Vancouver for coming up with yet another creative twist – Mexican concepts paired with Korean ingredients.

From burritos, quesadillas, to tacos, TAKO fills these Mexican staple dishes with fillings like Bulgogi Beef, Kimchi, Fried Chicken, Spicy Pork. The wacky combinations work surprisingly well.

If I had to name favourites, it would be their tacos. Tako Taco, Jeju Taco, Seoul Taco, and Busan Taco are my top-picks here!

TAKO is located right by Chinatown Stadium Station across Rogers Arena. It’s an awesome location for picking up some snacks before your game/concert. (YES, they have beer too). They even offer happy hour from Mondays – Fridays, 2PM – 5PM.

Where to get it:  601 Expo Blvd in Vancouver


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🎉13days until Christmas🎄 Today is dinner suggestion with family or friends👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👯‍♀️ Sooda Korean Bbq @sooda_brentwood this place is good👍🏻… no its 💣😆 – 1. Special Bulgogi $37.95 (Perfect for 3-4 people! Great share dish) 2. Deung Kalbi $21.95 (the pork ribs are flavorful + cheese😋My favorite👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 3. Honey Garlic Sooda Box👍🏻 $24.95 (46cm of premium Korean steak tartar torched on top of rice! It is almost like eating oshi… instead of fish its steak😍) – Definitely great to have christmas dinner at Sooda with friends and have some soju😆😄celebrate the Christmas and New Year! – Thanks @kevifong & @pandafoodiecouple suggested this restaurant and tried out together😋😊 – #sooda #koreanfood #vancityeats #vancityhype #foodlover #foodporn #f52grams #yvreats #604eats #vancouvereats #igersvancouver #hkiger #igvancouver #dhvanfood #foodblogger #ilovekoreanfood #bulgogi #kalbi #cheese #highlyrecommended #cameraeatsfirst #getinmybelly #nomnom #laeats #torontoeats #美味しい #インスタ映え #相機食先 #먹스타그램 #맛스타그램

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Recommended by: Sam (@blogoodies)

What they had to say about it:  I love this place so it’s so hard for me to pick a favourite here. You have to get their ‘Special Bulgogi’ dish that’s filled with rice, egg, beef, corn, and lots of cheese. This great share dish is perfect for 3-4 people. I also highly recommend their ‘Honey Garlic Sooda Box’ which is 46cm of premium Korean steak tartar torched on top of rice! It is almost like eating osh sushi but instead of fish, it’s steak.

Where to get it: 4455 Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby

Sura Korean BBQ

Recommended by: Sylvia (@food.thyme)

What they had to say about it: If you’re looking for Korean food and the best bang for your buck, check out Sura’s lunch sets! Opt in for their $15 and $20 lunch sets, both of which come with a huge variety of delicious traditional Korean and BBQ dishes. Both sets come with over 10 dishes featuring favourites like pork belly and beef short ribs. It will definitely leave you stuffed by the end!

Where to get it: 2 locations in Vancouver and Richmond

Vancouver: 1518 Robson St in Vancouver

Richmond: 4151 Hazelbridge Way in Richmond (inside Aberdeen Mall)


Is your favourite place to grab Korean food in Metro Vancouver on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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