A Guide To The Best Korean BBQ In Surrey

korean BBQ surrey

Navigating new delicacies can be quite the process. When it comes to Korean BBQ, that’s something that has to be done right.

A quick guide on the Korean BBQ lingo: banchan are side dishes, soju is a type of rice wine, and it’s always better to use wooden chopsticks when it comes to the lanky noodles. Types of banchan include vegetables, kimchee, pickles, and occasionally eggplant – all meant to use their acidity as a form of balancing out the flavours of the meat.

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We’ve compiled a list of the best Korean BBQ Surrey has to offer.

Korean BBQ Surrey

Seoul Grill House

An all you can eat Korean BBQ buffet, Seoul Grill House has a large food and meat selection. Their meat choices include pork belly, sliced beef, marinated pork, and marinated chicken. Located close to the Guilford Town Centre on #100 15155 101 Avenue, they’re open seven days a week.

A quick tip about the meat: pork belly is a classic must-try, and pairs well with rice and kimchee.

Woo Korean BBQ

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A level of authenticity is found in the food here, and they plate to impress. Flavourful meat, hot stone bowl stews, and impeccable service is some of the few items they offer. Located on 24th Avenue in the Morgan Heights area, they’re open seven days a week.

Our tip: try the marinated galbi (grilled ribs), you won’t regret it.

Jin Soo Sung Chan 

Known for their prominence of banchan, Jin Soo Sung Chan has an array of affordable eats, all which include large portions and various options of meat. They have ornate decorations, with dolls nearing the entrance. Located 10312 152A Street, they’re open seven days a week, 11AM to 10PM.

A good introduction for Korean BBQ first timers. If you’re going with a group of people, they have BBQ combos for everyone to feast on.

Bon Ga Korean Restaurant 

Traditional, authentic Korean food with hearty portions. Bon Ga offers the community a familial welcome, drool-worthy (and affordable) lunch specials, and free kimchee with every meal. The meat is tender and well marinated, and they offer an array of other dishes that pair with it nicely. Located on 10356 Whalley Boulevard, they’re open Monday to Saturday, 11AM to 10PM.

Try the bulgogi (barbecued, marinated beef), and/or the fried dumplings.

Baik Mi Korean Restaurant

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With a relaxing, authentic atmosphere and warm, friendly service, Baik Mi is a great place for families getting introduced to Korean food. They offer large portions, reasonable prices, and flavourful food. Located on 19539 Fraser Highway, they’re open seven days a week, 11:30AM to 9:30PM.

They also have a few select specials which never fail, such as the gamjatang (pork bone stew) and yukgaejang (beef stew that’s on the spicy side). If you’re out with your friends, they also have family combos.


Where’s your favourite Korean BBQ restaurant in Surrey? Share with us in the comments below

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