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Where To Get The Best Ethiopian Food In Vancouver

best ethiopian food in vancouver

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One of the best things about Vancouver is that it has an abundance of eateries featuring different ethnic backgrounds.

And that includes Ethiopian cuisine. This style of food typically consists of lots of vegetables and spicy meat dishes. One of their go-to additions to any meal is Injera, a sourdough flatbread. That usually follows Tibs (sautéed meat chunks) or Shiro be Kibbe (a legume stew).

Scroll below to find out where you can bite into the best Ethiopian food in Vancouver.

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Best Ethiopian Food In Vancouver

Fassil Ethiopian Restaurant


With a variety of meat and vegetarian entrees, the options are endless. For veggie, order the Gomen (chopped collard greens simmered in a mild sauce with Ethiopian spices) or the Alicha (curried vegetable stew). Meat lovers have an array of items to choose from, including chicken, lamb, beef and fish. Stop by 736 Broadway East to get a taste.

Café D’Afrique


Get your fix of Papadas (spicy lentil crackers), lentil stew or their chicken stirfry. Their most popular entrees include Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Goat Stew and Boerewors Kabobs (spiced South African sausage sautéed, skewered and grilled with veggies). Grab a bite at 363 East Broadway.


Harambe Restaurant


Known for their traditional Ethiopian food, this place is a must. Start off with the Muriyevo soup or Harambe salad. Their Misir Wot is always a hit with red split lentils cooked with onion in berbere and Harambe spices. Dig into Kitefo, their lean tender beef or Yebeg Tibs (lamb cubes pan fried in jalapeno, onion and rosemary). They’re located at 2149 Commercial Drive.

Gojo Café


Get a massive veggie spread, Injera, Kitfo (Tartar), Lamb Tibs or Chicken Tibs at this popular joint. It’s a quaint little joint on the drive but the food will blow your mind. Definitely add this spot to your foodie bucket list, located at 2838 Commercial Drive.


Axum Restaurant


Get your fill of Gomen, Yebeg Tibs or Miser Wot at this hot spot. Another popular dish of theirs is the Inguday Tibs, which is Portobello mushrooms marinated and sautéed with onion, garlic, pepper, fresh tomato herbs and spices. Go for a bite at 1279 East Hastings Street.

Addis Café Ethiopian Restaurant


A casual spot that whips up some great cuisine at 2017 Commercial Drive. Get all the Wot, including chicken and beef. Their Tibs are to die for, with beef, lamb, chicken and fish options. Save room for dessert, they’ve got ice cream, sorbet, brownies and cheesecake.

Hungry yet? What are you waiting for? Start exploring the city’s best Ethiopian cuisine.


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