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B.C. Weather Forecast Calls For a Wet, Cold and Stormy Winter

Rainy Days Vancouver - B.C. Weather

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Although it seems like a mild start to the winter, the forecast across Canada is a warning to prepare for a severe cold front to hit across Western Canada—yes that means B.C.

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A Winter of Extremes For B.C. Weather

According to the Weather Network’s 2021 Winter Report, January and February will have Western Canada experiencing severe cold. Before this happens though, we are expected to have slightly warmer than normal temperatures, which is what is happening now (from December into this first week of January).

It’s no secret that we have been getting above normal precipitation (rain and wind storms have raided Lower Mainland). Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we should also expect above average snowfall across some areas of B.C. as well.

The extreme rain will lead to a cold snap, which will then lead to extreme snowfall. For us British Columbians, let’s face it, anything above our average is extreme.

However, the 2021 Weather Forecast by the Farmer’s Almanac says that January will still be full of rain and we won’t be seeing snow and extreme cold until February.

Snowy Weather Ahead

December was quite mild. However, we are told to expect a cold pattern to start kicking in very soon. In fact, the Weather Network warns that there will be a heightened risk for long periods of “frigid weather and heavy snow” in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

The Weather Network tweeted a warning for BC, saying that the heavy rain storm, we have been having, will have an impact.

Impacts of Stormy Weather

The heavy rain, wind, and incoming snow warning, can potentially cause localized flooding, power outages, disruption in transportation (ferry services, for example), and even avalanches.

It’s probably a good idea to prepare in advance, as wind, snowfall, and rainfall warnings are full in effect and will not subside until February.


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