B.C. Has Written Up Hundreds Of Restaurants For Not Following COVID-19 Measures

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Hundreds of B.C. restaurants have been written up for not following COVID-19 measures.

As the province is into Phase 3 of its Restart plan, many businesses are reopening its doors, but with safety measures in place. And while WorkSafeBC said most are doing their part to combat the spread of COVID-19, many have fallen short.


WorkSafeBC has done more than 12,000 inspections up until the end of June, with 320 of those getting written up for not meeting COVID-19 prevention standards.

“We’ve encountered situations where they just don’t want to do something and we say they need to. But 320 times out of 12,000, that’s not so bad,” said Al Johnson, head of prevention services at WorkSafeBC, on CTV Morning Live.

Johnson said most have been proactive in following advice from health officials, even though that may look different from business to business.

The organization has set up a prevention information line, where people can report a business if they have concerns about its safety protocols.

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