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604 Liquor Stores Now Selling Lotto Tickets

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Purchase some booze and feel like a million bucks at select Liquor Stores across Vancouver.

The B.C. government has launched a new pilot program which liquor store customers lottery tickets when they’re checking out. So far, two east Vancouver liquor stores are offering  6/49 and Lotto Max tickets to shoppers paying by either debit or credit card by displaying a ‘Buy Lotto’ option on the screens of PIN pads.

The pilot program, however, is raising questions and concerns and being labeled as a “quick and sneaky  cash grab” by the government.

“It’s a pathetic move to expand lotto outlets and suggests how desperate our government has become to take money out of the pocket of their citizens,” argued Isabel Minty with Citizens Against the Expansion of Gambling. “It’s too tempting, it’s wrong and it should not be happening,”

BCLC spokeswoman Kim Steinbart  responded by saying “Right now this is just a pilot. We just want to see if it’s something that customers find useful,”

According to the pilot programs plans, one new store in each city across the 604 will sell tickets within the next 6-8 weeks. It’s also important to point out that specific grocery stores across the 604 are also PIN pad lotto sales.

Is the new government plan sneaky, smart or convenient? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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