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BC Has The Highest Number of Unvaccinated Kids In Canada, Report Shows

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Canada’s vaccination rate is falling well below its national goal, according to a new study.

The Public Health Agency of Canada surveyed several age groups in 2017 to see what the rate of vaccinations were.

That means more kids will need their shots to sufficiently prevent disease and outbreaks.

The study looks at several vaccinations and compared each province and territory to see how they did. While 95% of two-year-olds should be covered, just 75.8% received the multi-dose vaccine for diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.

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Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island were the only provinces to cover more than 80%. Meanwhile, Manitoba and Nunavut were the lowest, with rates below 70%.

It also said 2.4% of two-year-olds are unvaccinated. B.C. had the highest percentage of unvaccinated kids at 3.9%. That’s compared to Atlantic Canada who had the lowest rate at 1.3%.

Other data showed polio coverage for two-year-olds has a 90.7% average, but B.C.’s coverage is the lowest in Canada at 87.5%.

But all is not lost: The study is part of a national goal plan set to reach its target by 2025. That means we have five years to up our vaccination count for those who need it and help prevent diseases.

You hear that, B.C.?

And this is not a good habit to have, particularly with the recent outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, which YVR is now screening for.

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