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Half Of BC Employees Live Paycheque To Paycheque, Save Under 10% Of Earnings

BC Employees

A recent poll has shown that BC Employees aren’t able to live comfortably or save for the future.

The poll, conducted by the Canadian Payroll Association, surveyed a total of 5,074 employees across Canada between Friday, June 22nd and Wednesday, August 1st. Further, they ensured the survey included respondents from diverse industry sectors.

The poll found that 66% of national employees report being in a better financial position than a year ago; however, national respondents, and those in BC, continue to have high debt levels, chronically undersave for retirement, and put themselves at severe risk in the event of economic changes.

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“BC Employees show high economic confidence, but many live pay cheque to pay cheque,” the survey reports. Specially, “Half of BC employees (49%) live pay cheque to pay cheque.”

Despite these findings, BC employees have high economic confidence. In fact, 42% think their local economy will improve in the next year.

BC Employees Poll

What’s more, the poll found that 1 in 5 working Canadians say they can’t not come up with just $2,000 within a month for an emergency expense. In BC, the findings are worse, with 1 in 4 respondents saying they couldn’t come up with the money.

In addition, 69% of BC employees said they save 10% or less of their earnings. This may be due to the fact that 38% of BC employees report increases in the amount of debt over past year. This figure is more than the national average of 34%, and among the highest nationally.

The Canadian Payroll Association’s National Payroll Week website provides free financial literacy resources for working Canadians, employers and payroll professionals. Visit payroll.ca/npw for more.


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