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BC Has The World’s Best Water

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Greenwood, B.C, residents can now say they have the best tap water in the world, according to an international water tasting competition.

Greenwood Mayor Nipper Kettle sent a sample of the city’s municipal drinking water to the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting 22nd annual competition in West Virginia.

It won top prize: the coveted title of Best Municipal Water in the World with a score of 40 out of 44.

“I know the quality of the water. When I first moved here I used to buy bottled water and I thought, ‘Why am I wasting my time buying bottled water when we have the best water?'” said Kettle.

“I felt very honoured but wasn’t surprised,” said Debbie Ruley from the Deadwood Junction coffee shop. “I always felt ours was the best in the world. When I drink water in other places it’s just not the same.”

The community’s drinking water comes from underground aquifers and is untreated.

For the honour, the city wins a trophy. But most importantly, said competition organizer Jill Klein Rone, the city of just 676 residents get bragging rights — something not lost on Kettle.

He says they may have to change the community’s slogan from “Canada’s Smallest City.”

” ‘City of liquid gold.’ Add that to it, I guess!”


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