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The Bandwagoner’s Guide to Super Bowl XLIX

The Bandwagoner’s Guide to Super Bowl XLIX

Where To Watch Super Bowl XLIX In Vancouver 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is a marvelous day for football fans and snack food connoisseurs: A day to pig out while watching the pig skin fly through the air. Touch downs will be made. Tackles will rock both teams. And bandwagons will be full of spirited fans who claim to be “the biggest ________ fan of all time”. If you hail from Vancouver, insert Seahawks in the blank space.

I say this for one of the most obvious reasons, since most of Vancouver will dawn blue and green apparel to support the closest NFL team to our south. Like any sport, the bandwagoners are a certain breed; a type of fan like no other! Because bandwagoners may not know much about their so-called “team”, but they will cheer the loudest, cry the hardest and jump the highest if their team ends up taking home the big trophy – that’s the Vince Lombardi Trophy, for those of you who just recently jumped on the shiny red wagon.

Unlike most people, I’m here to commend the newcomers and give some helpful information that will get you through Super Bowl 49. And although this guide may not make you the ultimate fan, you can feel a sense of relief when the real fans start to question your authenticity…

Bandwagoners, jot these points down. And please don’t forget to take the price tags off your freshly purchased attire before heading out to the bar this lovely Sunday. That’s just embarrassing.

Fact # 1: The Seattle Seahawks are the returning champs. Yes, they won the Super Bowl last year. If you just started following the team, it’s crucial to know that Russell Wilson has brought this team to the Super Bowl two times within the three-year span of which he has even played in the NFL. A Super Bowl ring would mean a lot to Number 3 as he will be the first QB to win two trophies within three years. That’s pretty amazing.

Fact # 2: Tom Brady may have deflated a few footballs in his time, but this is his sixth Super Bowl appearance in his career AND would be his fourth win – tying the QB gods Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. A win this Sunday will likely put him in the ranks of best quarterback of all time. Deflated balls or not, Brady is a legend.

Fact # 3: This year’s Bowl takes place in beautiful Glendale, Arizona. Arizona is home to the Cardinals, who sadly have never won a Super Bowl game.

Fact #4: If you are a Seahawks fan, you are 12. You eat, sleep and breathe the number 12. You are the 12th man. And if for whatever silly reason you still don’t know what this means, then you really should jump off your blue and green wagon. Alright, the 12 stands for the 12th man on the field, duh. You really should consider a different team if you didn’t know this obvious fact.

Fact # 5: And probably the most crucial fact about Super Bowl 49. Who is the favourite? Since you’re about ready to hop on your wagon, you should probably know the stats in order to choose your team. The Patriots QB is gorgeous; Gronk is a complete beauty, and the team went 12-4 in the regular season. As for the Hawks, Wilson is seriously the nicest human on this planet; Lynch won’t talk to the media, and the team ALSO went 12-4 this season.

Basically it’s a toss-up this year. So to help you decide your bandwagon fate, here are two adorable babies in both Pats and Hawks attire. Which one is cuter? You decide, and that baby will be your Super Bowl 49 champ.

The Bandwagoner’s Guide to Super Bowl XLIX

Blake and Brody Finch – Two bandwagon brothers who cheer proudly for their own teams, trash talk and all.


Written By: Crystal Scuor

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