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B.C. Divorce Rates Have Skyrocketed 30% Since The Pandemic Began

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The number of COVID-19 cases isn’t the only thing rising in B.C.

Accordingly to a group of B.C. divorce coaches, called Divorce ReDefined, divorce rates have gone up 30%. This is in B.C. but also worldwide.

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Cindy Stibbard, of Divorce ReDefined, says that as lockdowns, quarantines, and working from home have become the norm, it has forced couples to their limits. “This close-knit environment has really brought those issues to the forefront,” she says.

The divorce coach also noted that divorce rates were highest during the first wave of the pandemic and has since leveled off. In fact “January is typically known in the field of family law as divorce month,” she added.

Thinking of Calling it Quits?

The divorce coach does have some tips for those struggling, and says to consider the following beforehand:

  • Consider if there is anything to salvage, can you rebuild?
  • Do the therapy, do the work before going to divorce.
  • Seek help and get referrals for things such as: financial advisors, therapists and parenting coordinators to make the process as amicable as possible.


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