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Apple Announces New MacBooks With Retina Display [Pictures]

Apple has announced a new lineup of their Macintosh laptops, which includes a more powerful and thinner MacBook Pro, and a revamped MacBook Air. Apple’s senior vice president Phillip Schiller spills details of the new MacBook’s which include:

  • faster processors, graphics, memory and flash storage
  • USB 3 connectivity
  • thinner version of the MacBook Pro
  • Macbook Air will cost $100 less than previous versions, Macbook Pro will start at $1,199
  • the same retina display used on the new iPad’s

This move by Apple is to keep the company in the game against a new line of slimmer laptops using Google Chrome or Microsoft Windows as their operating systems. Though PC’s are starting to slim down in the same likes as the MacBook Air, Apple assures that it’s product’s are far more superior. Along with a cheaper price tag, and faster performance, the change in the visuals is sure to make all the difference when it comes down to experience of the MacBook user.

Will you be purchasing one?

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