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Spending The Weekend On Burnaby Mountain

sfu highland pub


For most students and visitors, Simon Fraser University is known to be a commuter school, where after a brief stay you return home. However recently, a friend and I went against the norm and tested out SFU’s campus life with a night on campus in the Simon Hotel.

Located on the top floor of the Doris and Jack Shadbolt House residence, the Simon Hotel consists of only 14 rooms. However, despite its small size, it is nicely furnished and even includes its own sitting area with board games for guests.

The hotel room itself was pleasant as well, seeming clean, modern, and surprisingly spacious.

However, you may be wondering, what there is to do on Burnaby Mountain. Here is what we found:


Food. Arriving on a Friday evening, we quickly discovered a problem: many of the restaurants at SFU close early on Friday night.  After searching the campus, we eventually made it to a Renaissance Coffee shop that was open, where we enjoyed minestrone soup, and the most delicious bread on the side!

Burnaby Mountain

For dessert I suggest Yeti Yogurt. Open until 10 p.m. it makes for a great nighttime hangout with friends and there are tons of flavours available. Its popularity can be seen just by walking by – as it is often filled with customers!

We also discovered the SFU Dining Hall. For only $5, you can enjoy a buffet breakfast in the morning. This means you have access to unlimited servings of fruits, eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, cookies, muffins, soft ice cream, and unlimited pop or milk (and yes, they even have chocolate milk)! For those who are budding chefs, they also have an area where you can make your own waffles, blend your own smoothies, or cook your own stir-fry!


The Pub. Often overlooked by students as a place to hangout, SFU’s Highland Pub is another great place to mingle with friends! Throughout the year it has several themed events including Oktoberfest, which are definitely worth checking out!

sfu highland pub 

The Field. Perfect for a nighttime or morning walk is SFU’s Terry Fox Field. Even in the rain, it was enjoyable to simply get some fresh air and walk around the track! If you’re lucky you’ll be there during an athletic team’s practice – giving you something to watch, and if you are really lucky, they’ll even be playing music to help pump you up!

Burnaby Mountain

The Trails. Although the poor weather prevented me from enjoying the various trails this trip, past experience has taught me that Burnaby Mountain has some of the most beautiful trails to explore, as well as many great areas to enjoy a sunset!

Burnaby Mountain

Whether you are looking for a stay-cation, something to do with a group of friends, or a taste of campus life, a stay at SFU offers a nice getaway.


Written by: Kerri J



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