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7 Interesting Courses To Take At UBC

Interesting Courses To Take At UBC

While looking for electives to enroll in this term, I came across many courses that seemed really interesting at UBC. This post comes a little late, considering that the Add/Drop date has passed, but maybe you want to consider these courses next term!

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FNH 330 – Introduction to Wine Science 1

This course teaches you all about wine. Do you really need another reason to convince you to register?


CENS 307 – Witches: Myth and Reality

I would have definitely registered for this course if it wasn’t full. I put myself on the waitlist but never got in! It’s not everyday that you get to learn about witches in Central and Northern Europe.


EOSC 114 – Natural Disasters

People have different opinions about EOSC, but I found 114 to be the most rewarding EOSC course. Learning about how natural disasters occur was something else! At least now I’ll know what to do if I ever encounter a tornado while driving.


CRWR 230 – Introduction to Writing For Comedic Forms

Creative Writing is by far my most favourite department at UBC. Every course I’ve taken with them has been nothing short of enjoyable. This course gives you the chance to explore forms of comedy in the forms of film, sketch, and new media. Seems interesting!


PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy 1

This course deals with topics such as human knowledge, the existence of God, and the mind and body.  Many of my friends who have taken this course (along with PHIL102) recommend it. It sure seems like an enjoyable elective!


FIST 300 – Cult Cinema

Courses that involve films are another one of my favourites. Cult Cinema seems relatively fascinating. The course description doesn’t say much but I’m hoping that cult classics like Harold and Maude get studied.


ASIA 305 – Asian Horror Cinema

If you enjoy horror films, you should know that Asian horror films are the scariest out there. This course lets you explore the socio-cultural contexts of the films, and you’ll probably get the chance to watch a couple of them as well.



Written by: Sarah C

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