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5 Unique Artisan Frozen Treats To Try In The 604

Childhood memories beckon to ice cream cones, grape popsicles, and freezer burnt freezies on a hot summer day. In this day and age we think we all need to find a piece of our childhood in something a little bit more refined. Here are my fun suggestions:

5 Unique Artisan Frozen Treats To Try In The 604

Earnest Ice Cream (1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver)

Some people might say “Ice cream is for kids. This place caters to young and old, new and refined palates.  They launched in 2012 and for a self proclaimed savoury lover this ice cream changed me. There was a line up out the door and a long line of people patiently waiting inside for flavours such as Milk Chocolate, Whiskey Hazelnut, Tahitian Vanilla, Toasted Coconut and my choice, London Fog!

Their passion for flavours is apparent with the first spoonful. They also have glass take away pints with a separate counter for just the to go pints of ice cream which also had a steady line. This company shows that they not only care about quality of product but sustainability and the environment.


5 Unique Artisan Frozen Treats To Try In The 604

Johnny’s Pops (120 Athletes Way, Vancouver)

Launched in May of 2013.  I came across this street cart at the Vancouver Food Cart Fest a few weeks ago. On a hot summer day what more could you ask for as a foodie? An artisan Popsicle!  The first thing I saw was the sign that proudly displayed  “Best popsicle you’ve ever had or your money back?” OK!  I thought I will challenge this. I chose the Blueberry Mojito (as a former bartender…I thought there is no way this will be good). I was wrong. Summery flavours of fresh blueberries, lime, mint, and a hint of cardamom. I barely made in twenty feet away and my Popsicle was gone.

I have since tried Rhubarb Elderflower and my sidekick tried Raspberry Coconut. No complaints and I now follow these carts through Instagram and the Street Food App. Where on occasion the owner will advertise a deal that might entitle you to a free Popsicle of your choosing.


5 Unique Artisan Frozen Treats To Try In The 604

Mario’s Gelati (78-1st Avenue, Vancouver)

Classic Italian Gelato and sorbetto you can either eat in or pick up take away. This shop continues to offer old school and new flavour twists for all ages to enjoy.


5 Unique Artisan Frozen Treats To Try In The 604

Tubify –Artisan Freezies (780 W Cordova, Vancouver)

Located at the Vancouver Food Cart Fest in the Olympic Village this tiny Food cart offers unique flavours my favourite was Mint Julep. As well as Vegan Freezies for special dietary restrictions.



Cloud Nine Cotton Candy

This tiny cart is another Vancouver Food Cart Festival find. Although I was suspicious that a mini donut Popsicle could be good. The Mexican chocolate got me.  This cart had a steady line up of unique artisan frozen dessert fans. This is always a good sign.


Honorable Mention


Crackle Creme (245 Union Street, Vancouver)

While I must admit I came here because I will never turn down creme brulee, especially once it has been written up by Forbes Travel Guide. The presentation and perfect execution in flavour offerings such as honey lavender, Bailey’s, salted caramel, black sesame and bourbon butterscotch were mind blowing.

For frozen offerings, aside from creme brulee.  Crackle Creme also has small batch artisan ice cream with flavours like green tea, speculoos, and vanilla bean. Which I suggest you enjoy a scoop of for under $3 it is a culinary bargain.

The third delicious reason for coming to Crackle Creme is that they make a Liege waffle. This is not an ordinary waffle it is a fluffy golden morsel with tiny pockets of pearl sugar imported from Belgium.


So in my opinion the perfect frozen dessert getaways that might divert you from your average Dairy Queen or Marble Slab trip are any of these six. Take yourself on a culinary adventure and enjoy!


Written by: Larisa Wood

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