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5 Things Vancouver Does Better Than Any Other City

5 Things Vancouver Does Better Than Any Other City

Vancouver is unique all in its own way. Although every single one of us is guilty of the occasional complaint, when it comes down to it, Vancouverites do it better. Here are 5 things we do better than any other city.

5 Things Vancouver Does Better Than Any Other Cityvia daver604


Travelling is important and with every city you visit you will be able to tell exactly why you like it but, then you will also notice what is missing. That’s when you will realize how good you have it back home in good old Vancouver. We are so lucky to live in a city that literally has it all.  We are one of the only places in the world where you can do whatever you want all in one day.

If you want to go golfing we have beautiful golf courses, how about skiing? Yup also close by. Anyone feel like a hike?  Take your choice because boy do we have tons of different trails. Swimming? Might be a bit chilly but it can be done. Not to mention the amazing bike and roller-blade strolls around the seawall and our bike lanes all throughout downtown to top it all off.

In Vancouver we are green and we are clean and it is possibly the best place to live. Not the cheapest but hey you get what you pay for.


Best Sushi in Kitsilano - 5 Things Vancouver Does Better Than Any Other Cityvia temakisushi


Let me tell you something you all probably already know, our sushi is possibly the most underappreciated affordable delicacy Vancouverites take for granted. Not only is it delicious and filling, but you can have a full meal for less than $20! Anyone that visits leaves with a newfound appreciation for Vancouver’s sushi scene, and sadly locals won’t know until they lose it that they love it.

It’s surprising to hear but in reality anywhere else sushi is neary triple the price and the quality can’t even compare. Yet another reason why Vancouver does it better.


Photo of the Day: Granville Lit Upvia Ken Campbell

One Street Wonder

For the party goers out there this one is for you. The Granville Strip. If you are from Vancouver or have visited Vancouver you know exactly what we are talking about. Granville street and neighboring streets are home to all of Vancouver’s night life and conveniently so.

Who likes to be stuck at one club all night and have to stay there even when it’s lame? Vancouver says you’re welcome. We’ve all felt that sigh of relief and overwhelming joy as soon as we see all the lit up club signs and felt well, at home. Stop fighting it and just embrace it. We love our Granville strip.


skytrainvia TOTORORO.RORO


We love to complain because that’s what humans do but, when it comes down to it we Vancouverites have it pretty darn good. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s cheap. Our transportation system is in a class of its own compared to any other city. Even if you live in the suburbs there are buses and skytrain stations linking you to the rest of the city and because we are spoiled we are even getting the evergreen line too, need I say more?


Best Thai Restaurants in Vancouver

Instagram knows what’s up and it knows who’s who in the foodie world. Remember all those awesome food pictures you see when you’re scrolling through your feed? Guaranteed, most of those are from our city. Vancouver loves to indulge and rightfully so. There are amazing brunch places, authentic Indian cuisine, dim sum, Pho, and bubble tea just to name a few.

Also, one can’t forget the many adorable coffee shops around the city perfect for a cute date, some alone time with your thoughts or even a gossip session with the girls. Vancouver’s food selection is above all else. Here is a list of some of the best coffee shops in Vancouver!



Written by: Luisa Alvarez

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