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5 Fast Food Chains Vancouver Needs Right Now

Fast Food Chains Vancouver Needs

There are plenty of great places to get food in Vancouver, we are equipped with a plethora of fine dining options that serve top-notch eats inspired by every culture. Sometimes though, you just want a delicious greasy meal to cure your hangover or bad midterm grade, and leave you feeling regretful -yet satisfied- as soon as you finish eating it.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of joints that offer deliciously unhealthy burgers and more that we don’t have in the lower mainland, and it truly is a crying shame. I can’t be the only person who gets upset watching commercials of food that is across the border and not inside my belly… It’s fine I’ll just sit through the commercials licking my lips furiously

Why don’t we have them here? Some questions must remain unanswered.

Food Chains Vancouver Needs

Fast Food Chains Vancouver Needs


This drive-in has a ton of delicious burgers, hot dogs, snacks,  and a ridiculous amount of fountain drink flavours. The real clincher on not being able to get Sonic is their milkshakes. They have real ice cream shakes, floats, cream slushies, sundaes, and ‘Master Blasts’. Master Blasts are pretty much an incredible combination of ice cream, candy and cookie pieces with flavours such as Turtle pecan, chocolate chip cookie dough and caramel brownie. The jowls of the chubby kid that lives inside me are quivering.


Fast Food Chains Vancouver Needs

Jack in the Box

Also known as ‘Tastytown’ Jack in the Box is always a classic place to grab a tasty burger after shopping in Bellingham. They serve tacos too which is kind of… weird… But their burgers are always stacked with tons of toppings and their chicken burgers are good too. They’re now offering a Spicy Sriracha burger, which sounds de-lish!


Fast Food Chains Vancouver Needs

White Castle

Known for it’s sliders, White Castle has been on my hit-list since I watched that Harold and Kumar flick. Apparently now they have a food truck too, which is just unfair. Being a ‘craver’ is a thing, which according to their website is ‘not just a person, but a state of being’, which can only mean that this place has people going bonkers over their little baby burgers.


In-N-Out Burger Returns to Langley


Possibly the most devastating of this list, it pains me to think about their delicious cheeseburgers and how damn far away they are from my grasp. I tried In N Out for the first time in Las Vegas, and have been perplexed ever since as to why there aren’t any in Canada. The fries are on point, all of their burgers are cooked fresh to order, what more could you ask for! Fortunately, In-N-Out does make an annual visit to the 604 once every summer.


Fast Food Chains Vancouver Needs

P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s is a American-Chinese food chain that offers a somewhat fancy restaurant setting but with casual Asian food. It serves as a great “first place to visit” when trying out the new cuisine. Oh yeah, they also serve alcohol.




5 Fast Food Chains Vancouver Needs Right Now guide by Alycia Sundar

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