10 Cheap Places to Travel To From Vancouver This Winter

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There are many incredible places to visit across the world; however, not all of them are affordable to visit from Vancouver. What is more, some of these places aren’t worth visiting during the summer when the weather is nice in Vancouver.

If you’re looking for some cheap and fun places to travel from Vancouver this winter, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten places to check out.

Cheap Places To Travel From Vancouver

Puerto Vallarta

Cheap Places

Photo: Anthony Gonzalez Reyes / Flickr

If you’re looking looking to escape the cold while saving money there’s virtually no better place to do it than Mexico. Indeed, this sunny destination is both extremely affordable and beautiful. While staying in resorts may cost more than other places, they are still extremely cost effective. All inclusive resorts factor all of your living expenses in for you, so you won’t have to work them out later. A round-trip ticket costs as little as $350 CAD return from Vancouver.

Los Angeles

Cheap PlacesLos Angeles is home to a myriad of monumental landmarks, shopping, entertainment, beaches, and much more. You’ll be able to take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, see the famous Hollywood Sign, check out Universal Studios, or head down to the Santa Monica Boulevard to catch a breathtaking sunset by the sea. What’s more, tickets from Vancouver are as little as $228 CAD with all tax included. Even more shocking, these fares are not special deals; they are actually available at that price across the board right now as long as you book in advance.


Cheap PlacesIf you’ve never been to Cuba, you’re in for a treat. This gorgeous island is home to some of the best live music, rum, cigars, beaches, snorkeling, and history in the world! Varadero beach is considered one of the nicest in the world: with sparkling white sand overlooking an endless turquoise ocean, it isn’t hard to see why. In addition, Havana is unique historical gem that is painted with colourful buildings and old school cars. Some packages to this enchanting retreat are going for as little as $600 CAD including tax for food, drinks, flight, and transfers, which is extremely affordable.


Cheap PlacesWhile Walt Disney World is certainly Orlando’s leading attraction, there are a multitude of other things to do in the incredible city. To start, there are over five major, breathtaking white-sand beaches that attract families, solo travellers, and couples alike for swimming, surfing, or just relaxing in the turquoise Atlantic waters. Furthermore, this iconic destination is extremely cheap to visit right now. Tickets used to be extremely expensive in this fun hotspot, but now there sell for under $300 CAD including all tax round-trip.

Las Vegas

Cheap PlacesWhile it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, some swear by it. Indeed, Las Vegas is the place to be for those who love a nonstop party, gambling, shopping, or amazing entertainment. Although you don’t need to be a partier to love this spot, it is certainly a playground for those that really like to cut lose. What’s more, you can visit this entertainment mecca for very little. With packages that include hotel and flights that are around $350 CAD including all tax, it is an extremely getaway during the chilly Vancouver months.

New Orleans

Cheap Places

Photo: Eric Gross / Flickr

Not only are the parties legendary, but some of the best music to come out of the United States originated here. You’ll witness some of the most mesmerizing performances right on the street. The local clubs and theatres are home also hosting some amazing musical shows, as well.

If you’re a foodie you are in for a serious treat. Boasting some scrumptious Southern cooking, the city has comfort foods down to science. New Orleans has a distinctive blend of French, African and American influences, and it shows in the food. Seafood lovers will appreciate their famous jambalayas, gumbos, and crawfish dishes. Brave travellers can even try some alligator! Add to the fact that tickets are usually only $350 CAD return including all taxes and fees, this is an affordable and fun escape from the everyday grind.

New York

Cheap PlacesAt any time of year the big apple is home to some of the best entertainment, sightseeing, nightlife, shopping, and food; however, there’s something particularly magical about the holidays in the city that doesn’t sleep. Rockefeller Centre iceskating puts Robson Square to shame, and is absolutely breathtaking. Tickets over Christmas are a bit more expensive, but the city is still tons of fun to explore in the New Year and tickets go for as little as $350 CAD return from Vancouver.

Costa Rica

Cheap PlacesCosta Rica is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world. With myriad species of colourful, exotic birds, and a diverse array of animals and plants, it is truly an incredible destination. While it still has beautiful beaches to explore, there are also volcanoes, cloud forests, and other amazing places to explore. What’s more, tickets to this exciting CentralAmerican country are just over $400 CAD total if they are booked in advance!


Cheap PlacesIf you’ve never been to Cancun, you’re in for a real treat. While the Pacific side of Mexico is beautiful, the water doesn’t have that stunning, turquoise colour that is renowned on social media and in the hearts of all of those who’ve seen it. Once you take in the white sand beaches on the Cancun strip and gaze out on the endless, sparkling ocean, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

And, if you like to party, you can partake in some serious fun. While there are plenty of places to go if you aren’t a partier, Cancun’s downtown core at night is jam-packed with clubs, party-goers, and even dancing in the street. One of the most, if not the most famous club, is Coco Bongo.  Renowned for it entertainment-themed style, it is an immersive and utterly wild club experience. With return airfare for less than $300 CAD return, its a win-win situation.


Cheap PlacesThailand is home to some amazing culture and geography. There are so many beautiful beaches, archaeological ruins, temples, markets and more. Moreover, the country is very inexpensive to get to and visit. A flight from Vancouver to Bangkok can cost as little as $600 CAD round-trip with all taxes included, but those flights will take some planning. This would be one of the cheaper airfares to book across the world, and it will be relatively cheap to get around once you are there.

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