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Would a Mobile Shoe Truck Be Successful in The 604?

A shoe store, on wheels?

Sounds appealing doesn’t it? In the eyes of businessmen, it may seem like something that would be risky business or just a summer time fad. On the other side of the coin, it just might be what the 604 needs. Think about it, whens the last time you’ve had a cool experience while shopping? Shoe lovers dig the idea of a mobile shoe store driving through their neighborhood and enhancing their love for sneakers in a unique experience.

The Concept: A traveling shoe boutique on wheels. Much like a food truck or bookmobile this will be a retail shoe store that moves from place to place. In the beginning the truck will offer classic canvas shoes, casual athletic sneakers, and fashion lace ups. Rain boots, flip flops, ballet flats, and other seasonal footwear should be available, too.

Why?: The truck will have the ability to travel to where customers are. Serve customers where a traditional store may not be able to open. Provides customers with an alternative solution to driving to a store. It’s a new vendor option for special events and niche industries. The truck could be at a 5K on the weekend, a guest at a business park over lunch, such as a large insurance company or hospital, then set up near a university campus in the late afternoon. People should be able to pick out a pair of shoes as easily as grabbing a burger on the go.

Risks and challenges: Converting a box truck into a space that feels like a store will certainly have some unique challenges. Imagine installing flooring, lighting, audio and shelving that can withstand traveling from place to place. Insurance & maintenance wouldn’t be cheap on this bad boy.

Given the culture of our city, do you think a mobile shoe truck would be successful in the 604?

Written by: Sean Bassi

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