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With the SkyTrain Strike Looming, Here Are Some Alternatives For Your Commute

Skytrain Stations Translink price hike

SkyTrain services may shut down for three days this week and its usual 150,000 commuters are worried.

The union CUPE 7000 announced its 72-hour strike notice Friday, after a deal was not met with TransLink. If they don’t come to an agreement by Monday night, there will be no services Tuesday-Thursday.

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“It’s very inconvenient and it puts unnecessary stress, especially at this time of the year,” said commuter Nicole Alleyne to the Vancouver Sun. “Just give (the SkyTrain workers) what they want…It’s an essential service.”

Without the Expo and Millennium Line running, a lot of people will be without a way to work, school or home. So what are we going to do?

SkyTrain Alternative Routes

Luckily, bus routes will still be running as usual, as well as the Canada Line, West Coast Express, HandyDART, and SeaBus.

There are additional ways to get around, including carpooling. Some organizations include gobyRIDE, Poparide, and U-Pool.

The main transit alternative is to bus around when you can. Using the maps app on your phone, you can check off the skytrain option in your settings to find routes.

That way, you’ll only see the bus options available. This isn’t perfect because it does get rid of the Canada Line option, but it’s something to consider.

However, here are some bus routes to get you to some of the main SkyTrain stations around Metro Vancouver:

Waterfront-Commercial Drive – Take the 20 Victoria bus that will drop you off at Commercial and Broadway.

Waterfront-Nanaimo Station – The 7 will take you directly to Nanaimo Station.

Nanaimo Station-Production Way University Station – You can take the 25 to Brentwood Station and from there grab either the 123 or 136 toward Lougheed Station.

Waterfront Station-Metrotown – The 19 Metrotown Station of course. You can also take the 49 that starts at UBC and passes Langara 49 Station. You can additionally take the 430 bus that stops at Bridgeport Station in Richmond and goes through Vancouver.

Waterfront-New Westminster Station – Take the Canada Line to King Edward Station or the 7 Nanaimo Station bus. From there, grab the 25 to Brentwood Station to Northbound Willingdon Ave at Canada Way. From there, the 123 will take you to New Westminster Station.

Waterfront-Surrey Central – Unfortunately, there’s no direct way by bus to Surrey Central. Google Maps suggests busing to New Westminster Station, but it stops there. From then on, it’s a 13-minute drive if you take a cab.

Good luck on your travels, and let’s hope a deal is reached soon.

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