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Vancouver Is Set For A Warmer Than Usual Spring

warmer than usual spring

Remember when it was so cold there were chunks of ice floating in the Fraser River?  As February ends we can say goodbye to that winter weather and hello to a warmer than usual spring. 

The Weather Network is reporting there will be “a national pattern change which will feature a quick transition from winter to spring weather, “ during mid-March.

Warmer Than Usual Spring

Although we can still expect some chilly temperatures, this map shows the temperature pattern as a whole:

Warmer Than Usual Spring
Photo: Weather Network

The Weather Network is also warning that this warmer weather, mixed in with the rain, does increase the risk of floods.

The quick transition from winter to spring is the opposite of what we saw during this time last year when colder than normal temperatures dominated late March and April.

Warm weather? We’ll take it!

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