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This November, Keep The Veterans Transition Network’s Services In Mind

Veterans Transition Network

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This November, in addition to wearing a poppy, learn about the Veteran Transition Network and its services for any of the veterans in your life.

PTSD is one of the most common topics that come up when we talk about veterans returning from service. However, equally as important is the topic of transitioning from military to civilian life.

Veterans Transition Network
Photo: Veterans Transition Network

While in the military, soldiers develop a plethora or skills, such as working in high-stress environments, problem solving on-the-fly, and adapting to changing conditions. These are valuable skills that make them valuable to many employers.

However, when some soldiers return home, the right services to help them adapt to their new civilian environment are unavailable. 

Oftentimes, they’re left in the same state, a state that can make the transition back into civilian life difficult. They’re left with skills that many regular jobs don’t recognize and traits employers may not want.

In addition, the military often discards and neglects veterans soon after they’re discharged.


The Veterans Transition Network

According to the Veterans Transition Network, “[the] period after they leave service has been shown as the critical point keeping our Vets from winding up on the streets.”

Veterans can be left feeling depressed, frustrated, stressed, isolated, and often also in pain. If left unaddressed, those things can lead to negative coping strategies, like alcohol or substance abuse.

The Veterans Transition Network’s mission is to make sure that doesn’t happen, through group programs with fellow veterans, workshops on self-maintenance, and guidance on future planning.

Veteran's Transition Network
Photo: Veterans Transition Network

Of course, attendance for all veterans is free, made possible by donations from organizations as well as the public.

So, if you have a veteran in your life, kindly tell them about the Veterans Transition Network. If you don’t have a veteran in your life, maybe one day you will. And if you want to contribute to the VTN’s mission to ease the transition for veterans, you can donate and support their mission here.


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