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Vancouver Web Creators Night Featuring IFHT Films

From a comedy duo to full-on video production company, the team now consists of five funny fellows at IFHT Films. They’ve come a long way since being known as “I F*cking Hate That” back in 2009 and starting their comedic journey via YouTube.  They set off with one clear vision to share “the undeniable comedy in everyday life”. Now they’re known for producing their high quality videos which include sketch comedy, music videos, extreme sports, the outdoors and other passions in life.

Currently their vids have been viewed nearly 50 million times on YouTube and their channel has over a quarter million subscribers. They’ve collaborated with other personalities like Chengman and Dannie Riel too. Some of IFHT’s favourite work be showcased at Vancouver Web Creators Night which also features a special performance by local hip hop artist K!mmortal.

For tickets and more event information about Vancouver Web Creators Night and the rest of the Late Night at VIFF Hub series visit VIFF.org.

Who wants to film a sick edit?

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Caption this.

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604Now is a proud supporter of Vancouver Web Creators Night at VIFF Hub for the Vancouver International Film Festival 2016


By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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