Storm Crow Tavern Just Announced They’re Closing For Good

Storm Crow Tavern

Vancouver’s Storm Crow Tavern announced, Tuesday, they will not be reopening their doors after the pandemic.

The restaurant’s original location on Commercial Drive shared the announcement over Facebook. Its owners said Storm Crow must close “regardless of the short term resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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“Restaurants run on narrow margins at the best of times,” states the Facebook post. “The Tavern already had many challenges, such as an expiring lease, and the coronavirus, for us and many other small restaurants, is a fatal blow while we’re already down.”

However, they did say its alehouse location on 1619 West Broadway, will re-open after the pandemic. Its Toronto location will stay open as well.

Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial Drive has been open for more than seven years and is known as “the nerdiest bar in Canada.”

“The Storm Crow Tavern has been a special place in all our lives,” states the post. “More than just a “nerd bar,” it was a neighbourhood haven for the misfits, the geeks, the oddballs and bohemians of Commercial Drive and Vancouver in general.”

Since isolation measures have been put in place, B.C. has seen a loss of more than 132,000 jobs.

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