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Vancouver Rumoured For New Google Retail Store

Both of Google’s top competitors, Apple and Microsoft already have physical retail stores. However, Google had always resisted the temptation to follow suit. That is until now….

Several reports have surfaced claiming that Google has the intention of opening a string of retail stores across the United States and Canada including Vancouver and Toronto(where they currently have their Canadian headquarters). The launch is expected sometime around the holidays in order to make it easier to push more of their hardware to their customers.

It has been reported that these retail stores are going to be carrying Google Nexus devices as well as Chromebooks. Experts agree that Google may have a hard time turning their retail stores into profit with products like their Nexus 3 smartphones, Nexus 7 tablets, Nexus 10 tablets and including the upcoming Google Glasses. This is because Google hardly makes any money off of these products now, despite them being sold in Best Buys stores in the US and in PC World outlets across the UK. Google has been aiming to make up the money they lost by designing these smartphones and computer tablets, and they are hoping that their new retail stores are going to do just that.

Google’s plan is all well and good, but building and running a physical store over a virtual store is going to take a decent chunk of money that Google is not used to spending on retail. Google is going to have to pay for construction costs, rent, utilities, staffing costs, training costs, and interior design costs. Google could end up saving money and profiting in the long run, but it is definitely a big gamble on their part.

Of course, there is nothing to say that Google’s plan to profit from physical retail stores is impossible. It is just going to take a lot of work and is a whole different playing field than what Google is used to.

If the rumors are true, where do you think would be a good location for the new Google store?

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