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Vancouver’s New “High End” Parking Meters Will Accept Tips

vancouver parking meters

Photo: thevancouverglass.com

The City of Vancouver is rolling out a new plan. And it’s all to do with one of the city’s most popular topics—parking.

According to “sources”, the city is introducing parking meters with an option to tip at select locations. There’s already a few around Yaletown and Olympic Village. By early 2020 they are hoping all parking meters will have the added feature.

Vancouver Parking Meters Accepting Tips

vancouver parking meters
Photo: thevancouverglass.com

The move comes after arguments that the meters collect money from customers and print out receipts—without a tip.

Now, during the last stage of the transaction—the user will be able to choose from different tip amount options. This gives them the ability to choose exactly how much they’d like to give—like any other place that provides a service.


Tipping as gone far beyond the restaurant industry. It’s a common practice to leave a tip at pretty much any place offering a service. Seeing as the machines deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis—it’s time they are recognized too.

The tipping will start at the standard 15% and go up to 25% but if you really want to impress the machine—you can leave your own amount. And seeing as parking is so cheap in Vancouver—customers will likely be very happy to open their wallets a little wider and show their generosity.

The first set of parking meters with the tip option will roll out today, April 1, just in time for..


Please note this story is not true, but rather a April Fools collaboration with our friend Kevin Getz at The Vancouver Glass – a satire website that pokes fun at daily struggles Vancouverites face everyday. With that being said, we wish everyone a month filled with laughs!


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