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Vancouver May Host Citywide ‘Patio Day’ This Summer

Vancouver To Potentially Host Citywide 'Patio Day' This Summer

Vancouver could potentially host a one-day citywide patio day festival this summer if Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberton’s motion is approved next week.

Robertson has proposed that Vancouver host a “Patio Day” event which will grant businesses with one-time patio expansions and permits to “celebrate local food and culture”.

Robertson goes on to mention that in the city’s 2014 pilot project that allowed over 100 patios to stay open until midnight – there wasn’t a single noise complaint. The success of the 2014 pilot project has ultimately led to the city approving patio hours to be extended to 1:00am this summer.

In addition to “Patio Day”, Gregor Robertson wants to make the process of businesses creating outdoor spaces easier. To do so, he’s encouraging staff to speed up patio permit processing, and look into new ways to increase patio sizes, including potential expansions into sidewalks and streets. But it gets better, the Mayor also wants to create more rooftop patios!

City councillors are more than often on the same page when it comes to citywide attractions and events. Recent examples are the 1,000-foot waterslide approved for North Vancouver, and the 190-metre zipline approved for Queen Elizabeth Park.

With that being said, there’s a high chance of Vancouver hosting its first citywide Patio Day event this summer!

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