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Vancouver Couple Reportedly Denied Housing Because Of Baby’s Gender

Denied Housing

A couple is convinced that they were denied housing in a Vancouver co-op unit because of the sex of their newborn child.

When the couple originally filled out the application they were pregnant with their second child but did not know its sex. They were told by the Marina Housing Co-operative that they were first in line for the unit, but that they couldn’t proceed until the sex of the baby was known.

The couple already had a newborn son, and under the co-op’s rules, boys and girls are not allowed to share the same bedroom.

Denied Housing: The Cost To The Family

Getting space in the co-op would have granted the couple a great deal of financial relief,  as CBC noted that, “The one-income family says money is tight. Getting the unit would have meant their rent would drop from $1,840 to $895 a month.”

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When the couple gave birth to a little girl this past August, the family was quickly dismissed by the housing co-op.

Denied Housing
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While the co-op insists that it is only following its rules, but the couple believes that this is clear cut gender discrimination.

The co-op insists that the couple was not actually considered for the apartment at any point.

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