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Vancouver Author Claims Guinness Record For The Worlds Tiniest Book

Robert Chaplin of Vancouver has put together the weirdest, and smallest book in the world.

‘Teeny Ted from Turnip Town’ is a “wild rhyme” about the titular character who wins a turnip contest in the annual country fair – a fable about victory.

The fable was produced on crystalline silicon using a ion beam and equipment from SFU scientists back in 2007.

The end product? A 0.07 mm by .01mm book made of 30-linked micro-tablets. If you’re hoping to get your hands on a copy of the book, don’t hold your breath. There’s only one copy and to make more it costs $20,000 and requires a scanning electron microscope to read.

Currently, the solo copy of the book is locked away in a high-security vault (the ultimate Guinness World Records treatment)

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