This Valentine’s Day Haunted House In Vancouver Sounds Absolutely Terrifying

Valentine's Day Haunted House

Some people say that Valentine’s Day is nothing but a Hallmark Holiday. Alternatively, others feel that it is overly sentimental, and doesn’t make singles feel great.

Then there are those who see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to take the date and make it something unique and totally awesome.

That’s where the Dream Horror Live Haunted House production company comes in. They’re presenting a Valentine’s Haunted House for two nights on February 13th and 14th; it promises bone chilling entertainment on an otherwise cinnamon-heart flavoured holiday.


Valentine’s Day Haunted House

The idea for this scary torturous dwelling is based off of an urban legend about a patient from Riverview Hospital. Known as Saint Clementine, the patient was a nun that was murdered upon her release from the institution.

Legend has it that her heart was savagely removed from her chest. Now, her ghost is said to wander around Commercial Drive.

Saint Clementine’s Love Bites Torture House will be open at 3532 Commercial Drive in Vancouver. For only $10, ticket holder’s will experience an assortment of terrifying scenes. The spot will host 20 professional actors and a live crime scene. In addition, brave volunteers will be tied up in terrifying torture style.

The show commences at 7 pm and runs until 10 pm. All proceeds go towards youth soccer in East Vancouver.

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