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British Columbians Will Be Fined $575 For Breaching Vaccine Passport Mandates

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As of September 13, 2021, the digital ‘B.C. Vaccine Cards’ with QR code are now required to attend indoor gatherings, restaurants and specific venues across the province.

Those that choose to not follow may be subjected to fines. In fact, the B.C. government has outlined that there are fines for individuals that can be as high as $575 for choosing not to comply with orders.

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The fines for breaching the vaccine passport mandates are as follows:

  • for individuals is $230 or $575
  • for an event organizer, or the owner/operator of a location, it’s $2,300.

There are murmurs of various agencies across B.C. that will be checking compliance and enforcing that people are checking B.C. Vaccines cards and following the provincial health orders.

As of Monday, September 27, the digital copy of the vaccine passport and QR code is the only acceptable form of proof to be allowed entry into establishments. This can be a digital image on your phone/tablet device, or printed out as a hard copy.

The PHO order does not allow any customer who cannot show proof of vaccination to be on the premise. As expected there have been incidents reported where several restaurants have faced scrutiny and even vandalism due to people not agreeing with the health orders.

The BC Ministry of Public Safety has said that they are confident that the efforts for the agencies will be effective in addressing issues that put staff and public at risk. It is also advise that if any employees feel threatened, they should avoid confrontation and call 911.


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