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Unisex Washrooms Proposed For Vancouver Parks

Coming soon, to a bathroom near you – we may start to see separate male and female washrooms turn into unisex washrooms at various public parks and pools across the city!

Why the change? Having separate ladies and mens washrooms is a pain for a percentage of Vancouver’s population, as many who consider themselves to be transgender and part of gender-variant communities face challenges when simply trying to use a washroom in public.

For those a part of the trans- and gender-variant communities, they are not welcomed, no matter which washroom they decide to use, and by introducing unisex washrooms to the Vancouver community, it can help Vancouver reach its potential to become one of the world’s most inclusive jurisdiction for trans- and gender-variant communities. The idea of transgender washrooms are also great for caregivers who are assisting individuals of the opposite sex to go to the washroom. The unisex washroom concept has already been tested at various pools in the city for experimental purposes and has shown its potential and success already!

We should all feel welcome here in Vancouver, no matter how we identify ourselves, and going to the washroom in public should be an effortless thing to do, and shouldn’t involve feelings of exclusion.


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